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The Giant Beastcast: Episode 284

2020-10-29 20:21

So much to get through. Amnesia: Rebirth, Transformers: Battlegrounds, Dark Pictures: Little Hope and even a bit about that PS5 and its controller! We've also got news, emails, and more!

Breakfast 'n Brad: Watch Dogs Legion

2020-10-29 12:02 Features

This cyber-dystopia is a real bummer. Let's fix it!

Quick Look: The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

2020-10-29 42:57

We're back to make all the correct choices and decide the canonical fate of this cast of characters!

Unboxing the Xbox Series X/S

2020-10-28 28:31 Features

Knives at the ready, Jeff and Brad are on the hunt for new consoles. Let's open up some boxes.

Quick Look: NHL 21

2020-10-28 46:09 Quick Looks

Alex and Jeff take their annual trip onto the ice!

Giant Bombcast 658: Geometry Wars 99

2020-10-27 46:08 Giant Bombcast

The PlayStation 5 is here, and we're also here to talk about the DualSense controller and Cooling Springs in Astro's Playroom, along with Watch Dogs Legion, Immortals Fenyx Rising, our wishlist for next-gen Geometry Wars, the Uncharted movie cast, and the many...

Another PlayStation 5 Unboxing

2020-10-27 27:51 Features

Sleek design, glossy fins, and a dangly base. All here inside this one gigantic box.

Quick Look: The Cooling Springs of Astro's Playroom

2020-10-27 20:28 Quick Looks

Join Brad and Jeff as they say hello to a new generation by punching some rubber ducks.

Best of Giant Bomb: 199 - Richard Martin

2020-10-24 12:59

You might’ve heard “Digital Witness” before, but now you can witness (digitally) St. Vincent play some Fortnite!

Quick Look: The Jackbox Party Pack 7

2020-10-23 46:02 Quick Looks

We gather a party to jump into the latest installment "Ok, who is going to roast their friends first?!"