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Quick Look: Hitman 3

2021-01-27 56:21

It's time to get busy assassinating or get busy dancing... or maybe both? Just don't get caught doing one of them.

Giant Bombcast 670: We Call It Cluedo!

2021-01-26 27:18 Giant Bombcast

The white smoke of GOTY has cleared, and what better way to truly kick off 2021 than with Hitman 3--and Danny O'Dwyer! Also: Frog Fractions, the Blizzard/Vicarious Visions merger, a KOTOR reboot, the Xbox Live pricing snafu, one very tall vampire lady, and hal...

Best of Giant Bomb: 204 - That’s Good Stuff

2021-01-25 14:12 Best of Giant Bomb

Did you know that animal characters in Disney shows who can walk and talk are referred to as funny animals?

Giant Bombcast Game of the Year 2020: Day Five

2021-01-22 14:17 Giant Bombcast

On our fifth and final GOTY show, we'll pay tribute to the games that didn't quite make it as finalists for our best games of the year, and then finally determine the 10 games that rise above the rest.

Giant Bombcast Game of the Year 2020: Day Four

2021-01-21 58:18 Giant Bombcast

The fourth day of our GOTY deliberations will run down the best and worst of 2020, with awards for the Best Moment or Sequence, and Most Distressing Game.

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 296

2021-01-21 33:50

Join the whole crew as we submit our personal top ten games into the site's Game of the Year machinery!

Giant Bombcast Game of the Year 2020: Day Three

2021-01-20 48:48 Giant Bombcast

Y'all like playing video games? We do. That's why we're spending day three awarding the Best Game Feel. Then, time for Party of the Year!

Giant Bombcast Game of the Year 2020: Day Two

2021-01-19 01:01 Giant Bombcast

Warm up your hi-fi, it's time for everyone's favorite listening party as we determine the winners for Best Music (and Best Multiplayer).

Giant Bombcast Game of the Year 2020: Day One

2021-01-18 37:14 Giant Bombcast

This time we're doing it live! Our annual GOTY feature kicks off as we hash out the awards for Best-Looking Game and Best... Dad.

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 295

2021-01-14 01:07

As we near our Game of the Year talks we've got some more thoughts on games like Ghost of Tsushima, 13 Sentinels, and Assassin's Creed Valhalla. We've also got our CES news with Jeff Bakalar, more movie talk, and emails!